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Alice au pays...
Der Donnersohn
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The frog tells… Rootbook is a FREE eBook app where readers and writers create, share and comment stories, short tales and books.

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Many categories like stories for kids, fantasy and science fiction books

May it be Dracula, Rapunzel or The Frog King - The common reader on our platform likes to read good science fiction books as well as non fiction, realistic fiction or historical fiction books. But these are not the only categories you can find. Also choose your favourite fantasy book or classic literature. Do you rather like funny stories for kids, scary short stories or inspiring fairies? You’ll find it here. With our outstanding searching system, you can find book recommendations for young adults as well as a science fiction book list and kids stories online. Have fun browsing our categories! And find your free eBook.

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Rootbook is a place were short stories and classic books are something special. Find some of the best books ever, classic literature like The Seven Ravens or Rapunzel and other Grimm tales and good books to read. Choose among the world's best books like classic literature, good science fiction books, stories for kids and other free eBooks and read them online without downloading. Discover your favourite stories. Bookmark your favourite children books or short stories online and continue reading whenever you want. Read online books, novels and old books in many languages like German, English or French.

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On Rootbook, you cannot just read. Create inspiring short stories, good fiction for young adults or great fantasy publications. Type your story and send it to your friends! Write your own fairytale! Creating e-books is not just fun, you can also improve your writing skills. Explore the big ocean of free eBooks online. We give you original and free tales for adults and children. Everyone can find something he likes. Discover some of the best books and tales of classic literature authors in several languages, like Little Red-Cap, Alice aux pays des merveilles, Pinocchio or Der Froschkönig. Pick also many other great classic books from well-known authors like William Shakespeare, The Grimm Brothers and Bram Stoker. With our outstanding book search technology, we are able to offer you other great books similar to your search and e.g. give you other short story examples. Our book reading list is updated from time to time with new good books and famous short stories.

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Do you think about going to the bookstore? In a bookstore, you walk around, perhaps through several floors of the building to find the fiction you are searching for. This takes time and is not very private. The matter of fact is that book stores are lingering and old fashioned. On our platform, reading books online is much easier. Since we offer free eBooks that you can find in just a few seconds, our community is a playground for good books to read and much more exciting than a bookstore. Rootbook is the place were to read books online for free. No fee or download is required. The creation of e-books is also gratuitous. Find free German or English eBooks. Read books online for free without downloading.

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We place great value on the fact that we offer books for free and are a cost-free alternative to an online bookstore. We are better than an online bookstore – not just that reading is free, but also that writing is possible and you can publish your own works! After you signed in, you can see your bookmarks you the roots you wrote on your own. Upload a profile picture and let your readers see who wrote your story. Promulgate your narration and show your booklink to your friends to get book recommendations. Whether you write science fiction or stories for kids, the best book recommendations you’ll get if you write your narrative entertaining and amusing. The best books are not those which are the longest, the best books are those which are the most thrilling. We are multinational. Read books online for free in English, German, Italian and other languages. We give you a large bandwidth of languages, fiction novels and great online books for free. Discover the natural storytelling on our writing platform.

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Would you like to be an indie author? Try Rootbook to present your work to a large audience and get book recommendations for your stories. In our community, you can write your own work and show it to your friends. Is this your first step into creative writing? No problem! Other users can recommend your stories and you’ll see your success! Present your book online and write like a self publishing bestseller author. We offer you a publishing software for your e-book, no matter if it is a horror short story, fantasy book for adults or short story for kids. Self publishing has never been so easy for writers! Do you want to have a break and continue your story in some time? You have all the time in the world!

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To creatively write your own book online, you just have to sign up and create your text in our library. Creative writing is fun and self publishing your great books is very easy with our real-time publishing software! Write creative children books online or good fantasy books to read in nature. Read books online on your smartphone, tablet or other mobile device. Of course you can also use your desktop PC.

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