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2012 - today
Published by: Rootbook

Chapter 1

uddenly, there was a "SWOOSH!" Captain Maglorix's whole cabin shook so that he felt like a child jumping on his bed! "What...oh my God! What's going on?" he shouted and jumped up. He went out and let the ship's first mate report.

"Something big just rammed us, Captain! I think it was a whale!"

Captain Maglorix went up on deck, and only there he saw the level of destruction. Throughout the port side rail and the deck below was a huge, monstrous notch!
"Captain! The lowest deck is under water. The caboose was emptied out! I think somebody was hungry!" somebody shouted.

"ROOOOAR!" The noise suddenly sounded from the rear. The ship made one more heavy jolt and Maglorix was swept off his feet.

"A giantess! A giantess!" the sailors shouted and ran to the front of the ship.

"That can't be!"

He looked carefully around the control room, and he couldn't believe his eyes: There lay a giant mane on the starboard boardway! A giant head leaned on the crushed rail.
Maglorix touched one hair. It was thick like a boar bristle! But really soft. He went on the mane to... Hey, presto! He was dragged to the ground like on a carpet! A broad face appeared in front of him. The face of a giantess! The mouth opened and a gust of wet breath shot in Maglorix's face. The giantess seemed to start speaking: