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2012 - today
Published by: Rootbook

Chapter 1

perin Nimbuktu, headman of the proud tribe of the Pokomo, is standing at the Tana River. The air smells of citrons. He looks at Aneesa and Anyango, the two youngest humans in his tribe. With his forefinger raised, he is teaching them a lesson: "Never! Never shall you neglect the jungle. Otherwise the wild animals that jump out of it will eat you! Until only two bones are left of you!" Behind him, the grass bushes are divided quietly, but suddenly an ash tree, the empress of the plants, comes to light. She stops and builds herself up, rustling behind his back. Aneesa is pointing with wide eyes behind her teacher. “Stop playing games, Aneesa! Don't you see that I want to teach you something?" The tree grins. The empress knocks Sperin's brain with a thick branch. The kids start laughing. Sperin turns around like a robot. "What in Kenya's god's name...such a tree I've never seen!" The ash shakes itself so that lots of funny coloured leaves fall on the three humans. The children try to catch some of them. “Uiii! Magic leaves!"